Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Watch Our New Video, "A New Life for Greyhounds"

Greyhound advocacy should be fun. That may seem like an odd thing to say, because greyhounds are subjected to so much cruelty. Nonetheless, while we fight to end dog racing we should also take time to celebrate greyhounds for who they are: amazing animals that can be sweet, gentle, playful and even goofy.

That is why I am so pleased with the new GREY2K USA video, "A New Life for Greyhounds."

Watching this video, I am thrilled by the nimble power and agility of Archie, Blue, Upton, Gino, Joey and Grace as they bound through corn fields. I am amazed by the obvious mirth with which Frosty plays with the mirror. I still laugh every time I see Maggie May lying in the sand, quietly blinking her eyes, and am filled with joy in watching Ziggy dressed as a greyhound Superhero.

Like my adopted greyhound Zoe, these dogs inspire me. By celebrating them, I am encouraged to continue doing my work to end the cruelty of greyhound racing. Please watch this new video, and let me know what your favorite fun greyhound moment is!

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