Friday, March 14, 2014

State Lawmakers Are Going to the Dogs

Collin lives with an adopted family in Alabama.
We have not yet reached the halfway point in the 2014 state legislative season, and greyhound advocates have already won several important victories.
  • In Iowa, a House committee has approved a bill to end greyhound racing. The measure is now awaiting a vote by the full House of Representatives.
There is also growing momentum in Florida for greyhound decoupling, which would significantly reduce greyhound racing in the Sunshine state and help thousands of dogs. Right now, a racing greyhound dies in Florida every three days.

Each of these victories represents a step forward for greyhound advocates. Also, these advances come on the heels of a very productive 2013 legislative season, when greyhound protection laws passed in four states.

Not too long ago, greyhound breeders used the legislative process as a means of propping up and continuing their cruel business. But the tide has turned, and this same process is now being utilized by the humane community to help greyhounds and end dog racing. Without a doubt, the legislative process has gone to the dogs.