Friday, April 1, 2011

A Birthday Wish for Zoe the Greyhound

Today, my adopted greyhound Zoe turns nine.

While meeting with Florida lawmakers in recent days, I have joked that she might be angry with me for being away on her big day. All kidding aside, I do miss her. While I am working for the greyhounds in the Sunshine State, she is staying with a close friend who also has a rescued greyhound. When I called today to see how Zoe was doing, my friend told me how excited Zoe was this morning when, on her early walk, she saw several inches of new snow on the ground.

Living with Zoe has given me a greater understanding of and empathy for all greyhounds. She inspires my work, and every day living with Zoe is better day because of her.

Happy birthday, Zoe.