Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Proposal to Promote Greyhound Adoption Advances Despite Opposition from Breeders

Over the past two weeks GREY2K USA participated in a contest hosted by GOOD, a collaboration of individuals, non-profits and businesses that have joined together in the shared goal of "pushing the world forward." The contest asked organizations to submit proposals indicating how $2,500 would support and expand their work.

Our proposal was to sponsor digital billboards throughout Florida that would point readers to a web site with greyhound adoption information and links to rescue groups. We released several billboard designs that were created by GREY2K USA Communications Manager Danielle Festa, and you will find these designs at right.

In total 443 proposals were submitted to GOOD, addressing a wide variety of important issues. As of right now, it appears that GREY2K USA will finish third out of these 443 proposals. Obviously, we hoped we would win this contest and are disappointed to finish third. Nonetheless, we are thankful for all of our supporters who voted for the greyhounds, and are grateful to GOOD for this wonderful opportunity.

Most importantly, I'm happy to announce that despite this third-place finish our adoption billboard proposal will move forward. Thanks to generous donations by greyhound advocates from across the country, the GREY2K USA Education Fund has already raised more than $1,500 for this project to promote adoption. We have also submitted an application to a very compassionate foundation for this project and now await a response. If you are interested in helping, please make a tax-deductible donation today.

Finally, it is important to note that this is only one way in which GREY2K USA supports and promotes greyhound adoption. We encourage our supporters to adopt these wonderful dogs, which my adopted friend Zoe would tell you make wonderful companions. GREY2K USA also gives adoption referrals to greyhound adoption groups across the world, and regularly makes contributions to adoption groups. Since 2009, GREY2K USA and the GREY2K USA Education Fund have made more than fifty direct contributions to adoption groups in seventeen states.

As the cruelty of dog racing ends, greyhound breeders have begun circulating all sorts of false accusations and personal attacks regarding our work. One common myth they spread is that GREY2K USA does not support greyhound adoption. That is patently false. It is also deeply ironic in light of the industry's policy of threatening adoption groups that speak up for the dogs.

In fact, I'm sad to say that greyhound racing supporters even opposed our billboard proposal to promote greyhound adoption. This opposition is further proof that greyhound breeders are willing to put their financial interests before the welfare of the dogs. Their reckless profit priority is yet another reason why greyhound racing must end.


  1. Staggering to discover the monetary interests just under the surface of the greyhound world (as in many pockets of our culture) to include breeders. Of course they would oppose Greyhound rescue work, a hideous political act to take attention away from their dubious interests in Greyhounds while creating questions through setting distraction fires amongst their opponents. Childish at best. Sinister in truth.

  2. The greyhounds seem to be the pawns in this whole operation. Everyone is guilty.