Tuesday, June 5, 2012

GREY2K USA Launches New Website to Promote Greyhound Adoption in Florida

Photo by Denise McFadden
As part of our ongoing efforts to promote greyhound adoption, the GREY2K USA Education Fund recently launched a new interactive website to promote adoption in Florida.  FLgreyhounds.org provides links to more than two dozen adoption groups across the state, and also includes a brief Q&A about greyhound adoption.

Because Florida is home to a majority of the remaining dog tracks in the United States, the state represents a unique challenge for the greyhound adoption community.  The sad reality is that it is difficult to find homes for all of the dogs that leave Florida tracks.  To address this problem several groundbreaking efforts -- including the Sunburst Project -- have formed in recent years with the goal of transporting greyhounds to adoption groups in other states.  These are fantastic efforts and should be supported.

There is also more that can be done, however, to encourage greyhound adoptions within Florida.  That is why we created FLgreyhounds.org and are now promoting this new online resource with trolley advertisements in Naples.  It is our hope to expand this effort and eventually encourage Floridians to adopt through a series of billboards throughout the state.

Message Encouraging Greyhound Adoption on Naples Trolley
As a non-profit organization our mission is threefold: to pass stronger greyhound protection laws, end the cruelty of dog racing, and promote greyhound adoption.  Each of these goals is important and will directly help greyhounds.

If you know people who live in Florida, please send them a link to FLgreyhounds.org and tell them how wonderful greyhounds are.

Together, we can make a difference for all of the dogs racing in the Sunshine State.


  1. We have 2 rescued greys. They are the dearest, most gentle, best "children" in the world.

  2. I adopted a grey in 2006 after my husband passed away. He has been the most wonderful dog I eveer had.He is now 10 years old and still going strong. I dread the rime when he won't be araound anymore

  3. Got my Greyhound day after Valentine's day 2012 and has been the best dog ever! Think how excited I was when I found out I adopted the Steve McQueen of Greyhounds!...He's Very Cool!
    Thanks GREY2k!