Tuesday, June 26, 2012

GREY2K USA Releases Shocking New Audio of Cruel "Live Lure" Greyhound Training

For decades, greyhound trainers routinely used live rabbits and other animals to train racing dogs. In a cruel practice called "live lure training," greyhounds would be allowed to tear these other animals apart. Trainers used this barbaric technique because they believed it caused dogs to be faster racers.

After receiving overwhelming public criticism, the National Greyhound Association claimed in the 1980's that it ended this practice. Sadly, that claim was wrong. First, news surfaced of an Arizona live lure case in 2002. Then in 2011, a Texas greyhound trainer surrendered his state license after he was caught on video using live rabbits to train dogs.

After learning of this most recent case, GREY2K USA submitted a public information request to the state of Texas asking for the live lure video footage. Our request was denied. The state did, however, provide us with a transcript of the footage. They also released an audio tape from an official hearing in which the video was played.

You can hear some of that audio here, along with excerpts from the official state transcript. Please note that some people may find this audio disturbing.

I believe that live lure training still occurs today in the dog racing industry, and that parts of the industry turn a blind eye to this cruel practice. Other dog racing supporters continue to rationalize live lure training.  For example, just a few weeks ago outspoken dog racing proponent Dennis McKeon wrote that it is an "arguable point" whether live lure training is cruel or not.

This is yet another reason why greyhound racing needs to end. It's clear that the dog racing industry is simply not capable of cleaning up its act, even when it comes to something as obviously cruel and barbaric as live lure training.

Please watch our new Greyhound Live Lure Video today and forward it to others. Then, take action to help end the cruelty of dog racing. The greyhounds can't speak for themselves and are counting on us to be their voice.


  1. I listened for a moment, very disturbing, but more disturbing Jill came running from the other end of the house, locked and loaded! Makes one wonder how she was trained, doesn't it. Not to worry, she is now in the land of sofas, goodies and treats, dentals twice a year and is most beloved.

    Benita and Jill

  2. Thanks for passing this on.
    These racing proponents just never seem to get it.
    When we were fighting to eliminate racing in Mass. on the first go around, I was fortunate to get on the radio with the President of Wonderland Greyhound Park .
    I asked him if he thought that putting a dog in a box for 18 hours a day in it self constituted cruelty to an animal.
    His serious answer to me was, "THE DOGS LIKE IT".
    Keep up the fight in closing down the remaining 22. GOD SPEED

  3. Holy S**T, what the hell is wrong with some people! I could only listen for 45 seconds before I was in sheer horror and crying my eyes out.

  4. I did not/would not not listen to it. Too horrifying for me!