Wednesday, May 30, 2012

GREY2K USA Honors Greyhound Adoption Heroes

Board Member Tom Grey with Joyce Carta & Marilyn Varnberg
This weekend, I joined the GREY2K USA Board of Directors in honoring greyhound adoption leaders from around the country.  Their work was the focus of our annual benefit dinner and awards ceremony, which was held in Tampa, Florida.

It was incredibly powerful to be with so many people who have dedicated their lives to helping greyhounds.  Thousands of dogs have found loving homes as a direct result of their efforts, and they are true heroes.  The adoption advocates we honored included:
These adoption leaders have also been fearless in speaking out for the dogs, and need your support.  If you live near any of these groups, please consider volunteering some of your time with them.  Also, all of these groups need donations to help their ongoing adoption programs.

Finally, the best way to honor these selfless advocates is to consider adopting a greyhound yourself.  To find an adoption group near you, please visit our Greyhound Adoption page.

If you are able to take home a new greyhound friend, you will be glad you did.  My rescued greyhound Zoe brings me joy each and every day!


  1. This is so wonderful for people to be honored for helping these incredible dogs!

  2. Congratulations! Well deserved recognition.

    Michael,and Eileen Saks

  3. Thank you so much for all your incredible efforts to improve lives of the best breed on the planet!