Thursday, December 8, 2011

Florida Greyhound Tour Enters the Homestretch

I have been on the road for nearly two weeks now, meeting with grassroots activists all across Florida. On Tuesday, I joined GREY2K USA President Christine Dorchak and Ann Church, Senior Director of the ASPCA, at a press conference in Tallahassee. We released a groundbreaking report on greyhound racing in Florida, and met with lawmakers. If you haven't read this report yet, please do so. It is the first document of its kind, and provides a glimpse inside Florida's thirteen dog tracks.

At every stop, I have met dedicated people who are ready to fight for the dogs. One example of this dedication is Cyndi Rennick with Greyhound REscue and Adoptions of Tampa Bay. In addition to her adoption efforts, Cyndi is a GREY2K USA volunteer and is working hard to pass greyhound decoupling. This morning, I received the following message Cyndi sent to other activists about the meeting:
"It was great to see Christine and Carey, and although they must be exhausted, they are hanging tough through this whirlwind Florida tour. The report that they released on Tuesday is beautifully done and represents a lot of hard work on their part. Some of the pictures are difficult to look at, but they need to be there, for those who may not know. The report sheds a bright light on the reality of everyday life for racing greyhounds in Florida. And it's an ugly picture."
Cyndi also wrote about her hopes for the upcoming legislative session:
"I am optimistic that all our hard work this session will be rewarded next year when the decoupling legislation makes it through both houses and is signed in to law! It's going to be a tough road and the greyhound breeders are going to fight dirty, but we are just as determined as they are. Their focus is the money and our focus is the greyhounds. I have to believe that we will prevail. I do it for Bandit, Sweetie Pie, Joe, Dodd and Taylor and all those others who were not lucky enough to make it to someone's sofa. I know that's why you each do what you do as well. I'm proud to be part of such a passionate group of advocates."
Although it has been exhilarating to meet so many amazing activists like Cyndi, I am looking forward to returning home and hugging my greyhound Zoe. As we enter the homestretch, it is the prospect of seeing her that propels me forward.

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