Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Good Greyhound News From Both Sides of the World

Pilot lives with her adopted family in California
All across the world, the fight to end greyhound racing is moving forward.

According to new data that has been released by the Arizona Department of Racing, gambling at Tucson Greyhound Park amounted to just $12.6 million in the last Fiscal Year. That represents a catastrophic drop of 21.7% in just a single year, and is the lowest level of business for the track since at least 2001.

Tucson is a dead end track with a long history of humane problems. Based on this new data, I am more optimistic than ever before that it could soon close. It also provides some perspective on the recent attempt by Arizona Department of Racing Director Bill Walsh to thwart the will of the voters, and overturn a prohibition on anabolic steroids in the dog race industry. Rather than regulate this dying activity, Walsh has apparently decided to perpetuate industry standard practices that are cruel and inhumane.

Meanwhile, more good news for greyhounds was announced seven thousand miles away at the Macau Canidrome. According to new government statistics, the number of dogs imported to the track from Australia is down by 56% compared to a year ago. Because the Canidrome has no adoption program, this drop in imports likely means that the number of greyhounds killed has also been greatly reduced.

While greyhound breeders continue their campaign of innuendo and personal attack, the racing industry is collapsing around them. This progress should encourage everyone in the humane community, and motivate us to work even harder for the dogs.


  1. Thank you Carey for your unfailing work! You are an angel ..and the dogs know it..some how, I believe they intuitively know that you are helping them!

  2. And when you place your bet, think often of their suffering for your own
    entertainment. All you would need is the will to stop supporting this awful godless race.... and they will close down.... and you would see the dogs differently as loving companions because all life has value and meaning
    and just maybe see how everything is connected to everything else

  3. Thanks Janet. It's a team effort!