Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Is Brooklyn the Greyhound Running Out of Time?

Two weeks have now passed since GREY2K USA sent a letter directly to the Canidrome in Macau regarding Brooklyn the greyhound. So far, we have received no response. Meanwhile, the Rescue Brooklyn campaign is still gaining steam.

In recent days, Rescue Brooklyn has picked up the support of Animals Asia, an Asian-focused registered charity with headquarters in Hong Kong and offices all over the world. Earlier this month Animals Asia sent a letter to Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Their letter was cosigned by eleven notable animal protection organizations, and asked the Prime Minister to end the export of greyhounds to Macau:
"We urge you to consider the welfare implications of allowing this trade to continue, leading to many hundreds of dogs breed in Australia being subjected to inadequate care, poor welfare, suffering, neglect and death each year. On behalf of all of our members globally, we appeal to the Australian Government to end the export of greyhounds to Macau and protect the welfare of dogs bred in Australia."
The Rescue Brooklyn campaign also took another step forward last week when ANIMA, an animal protection organization based in Macau, agreed to take care of Brooklyn during the required quarantine period. Without question, an overly burdensome quarantine law is one reason why greyhounds are dying at the Canidrome.

In order to be released to Australia, Brooklyn must pass through a 90-day quarantine in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, an import application and fee must be submitted to the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service. Its rules require that any dog entering the country travel with bona fide health certificates completed by official government veterinarians. Dogs must also have proof of rabies vaccination and be microchipped. They must then undergo another 30-day quarantine in Australia itself.

I am grateful for ANIMA's willingness to help Brooklyn with the quarantine requirement, and their partnership means we are closer to helping him.

Brooklyn last raced yesterday, November 29. He finished 6th, and has not yet been scheduled to race again. If you haven't already, please e-mail the Canidrome right away at and ask them to allow us to Rescue Brooklyn. If you e-mailed them previously, please do so again. I remain hopeful this story will have a happy ending, but Brooklyn's time may well be running out.

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