Thursday, May 30, 2013

Help Us Remember a Greyhound Named Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller died at Gulf Greyhound Park in January 2012
This afternoon, we released a new video that documents greyhound injuries and deaths at Gulf Greyhound Park in Texas.

The footage, which was taken by the track itself, shows the final races of three dogs who died at the facility. It also also contains new data on greyhound injuries at Gulf, and documents an ongoing problem. In 2012 a total of 291 greyhound injuries were reported at Gulf Greyhound Park, including dogs that suffered broken legs, dislocations and puncture wounds.

Further, during the year eleven greyhounds died or were euthanized after racing at Gulf. That is why we should all take a moment to watch this video. It represents the final chapter in the lives of greyhounds Fortune Teller, Lawnmower Man and Bob's Skeeter.

These dogs deserve to have their stories told. For example, Fortune Teller was a 73-pound fawn greyhound who died when he was just two years old. During a race at Gulf on January 11, he was bumped by other dogs, rolled, and broke several bones in his back right leg before being destroyed.

Reading over Fortune Teller's official injury report, it makes me wonder how many dogs like him will have to die for a form of gambling that is no longer popular. That is why we are working so hard at GREY2K USA to end greyhound racing.

Please help us fight for greyhounds by watching this video today, and then share it with everyone you know. Even though Fortune Teller will never have a loving home, the least we can do is bear witness to his untimely death. He died needlessly, the inevitable result of a cruel industry that used him as nothing more than a number to gamble on.


  1. Absolutely chilling! As the owner and competitor of working dogs, racing and fighting are not sports for dogs. The purpose of this is for profit, bottom line.

  2. difficult to watch, why , there are other ways of enjoying gambling, preferably a slot machine! it is my prayer that the people who enjoy this sport soon realize the suffering of these poor animals and no longer watch or spend there money in this sport!

  3. Is there a way to send these dog owners back to roman times???? Instead of humans abusing the animals there would be lions and tigers facing off with these owners... sounds fair to me!!!

  4. While those are horrendous videos, they certainly were not intentional. Even in human sports, there are inevitable injuries and death.

    The greyhounds love running and, if properly cared for (IE vaccinations, medical care, proper nutrition, etc.), it seems that racing would be a fine opportunity to see what these wonderful animals can do. No need, for betting, just exhibition or prize racing should be fine.

    However, tracks all over the country have repeatedly shown a blatant disregard for the hounds and, without adequate oversight, they will always do what they can get away with for a better bottom line.

    It makes me nauseous to think of the thousands of dogs euthanized every year.

    1. Cut down number of greyhounds in a race too 6 dogs per race .they tryed 8 dogs races in uk never work why no room for dogs to run.I was greyhound owner and trainer. For 45yrs in my country theres only 2 tracks left