Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Greyhound Advocates From All Over the World Ask London Mayor to Side With the Dogs

One of many greyhound photos sent to Mayor Johnson
Next week London Mayor Boris Johnson will decide the fate of Walthamstow Stadium, an iconic dog track that has been closed since 2008. The mayor is now considering a proposal to turn the closed track into affordable housing, and end dog racing forever at the site. Initially, the Mayor was scheduled to make his decision this week. However, it has been delayed by six days, and will now be announced on Tuesday, October 30.

Over the past few days, nearly 1,500 greyhound advocates from all over the world have asked Mayor Johnson to side with the dogs. Also, nearly two hundred greyhound adopters have sent the mayor photos of their rescued friends. This outpouring of support is very powerful, and I believe it will have a direct impact on the mayor's ruling.

Here are excerpts of some of the compassionate messages Mayor Johnson has received:
"Mayor Johnson, what a fantastic opportunity to help animals and humans at the same time. Please opt for affordable housing, not animal cruelty."
"As a Londoner who voted for you - please consider the silent victims in this proposal for dog racing at Walthamstow."
"Mayor Johnson: my dad used to be a bookie at Walthamstow, and I know how badly the dogs that run their heart out at that track are treated when they fail to win."
"You did a great job with the Olympics, please don't turn around now and reopen the Greyhound track at Walthamstow. It would be a cruel and inhumane thing to do!"
"I have attached a photo of one of my rescued greyhounds, I have 4 more at home, all of which have sad stories of neglect. She once ran at Walthamstow Stadium. Unfortunately once she broke her hock, which is a very common injury in racing greyhounds."
"Housing is desperately needed in London and the old stadium would be a perfect area for redevelopment in very much needed affordable homes."
"PLEASE DO NOT allow my neighbouring borough of Walthamstow to be blighted by sanctioned, industrial scale animal abuse."
If you haven't already, please send your e-mail to Mayor Johnson right away. There are seven days left until he determines the future of Walthamstow Stadium, and every compassionate message will make a difference.

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  1. Please stop all dog racing--it's unconscionable to subject helpless animals to a life confined to cages and race tracks.