Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Meet GREY2K USA Board Member Eric Jackson

As a national non-profit organization, GREY2K USA is governed by a Board of Directors. Our Board members are deeply committed to greyhound advocacy, and support our campaigns in many ways. Over the next few weeks, I will be highlighting GREY2K USA Board members and their continuing dedication to greyhound protection.

Schroeder the Greyhound
Although GREY2K USA is primarily an advocacy organization, our mission also includes promoting and supporting greyhound adoption. Our commitment to adoption, and our love of greyhounds, is exemplified by Board Vice President Eric Jackson.

Eric and his wife Kathy adopted their first greyhound seven years ago after attending a meet and great hosted by Greyhound Companions of New Mexico (GCNM). At the event, he met a very large red and white greyhound named Schroeder. When they eventually adopted Schroeder, he came into the house and immediately put his head on the bathroom counter. It was a transition for Eric to live with such a large dog; he had grown up with cats and at the time was living with a rescued white boxer named Rose. Despite his size, however, Schroeder was a gentle giant. Although he was shy, he was especially fond of women and would come up to house guests and ask to be petted.

Sadly, Eric lost Schroeder a few months ago. But even with this loss the Jackson family now lives with four greyhounds, including a black foster greyhound named Ellie. The family also includes an elderly Pomeranian named Jake.

Eric teaches psychology at the University of New Mexico, and gives a tremendous amount of his time to volunteer for greyhound advocacy and welfare. He currently serves as the Communications Director for GCNM, and helps GREY2K USA with long-term strategic planning. His professional background also helps us understand the various rationalizations that greyhound breeders use to defend their cruel business.

Eric does a tabling event for GREY2K USA and GCNM
Eric tells me that he volunteers so much of his time because he believes that greyhounds deserve better. He is particularly appalled by the way greyhounds are kept, and would like to see an end to what he calls the "commercial warehousing" of greyhounds.

Eric acknowledges that it can be difficult to be a greyhound advocate and also work in adoption, but he says that it is worth it. He finds it very rewarding to help greyhounds.

We are very lucky to have Eric on the GREY2K USA Board of Directors. He is a tremendous asset to the organization, and a powerful voice for the greyhounds.

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