Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Meet GREY2K USA Board Member Valarie Wolf

As a national non-profit organization, GREY2K USA is governed by a Board of Directors. Our Board members are deeply committed to greyhound advocacy, and support our campaigns in many ways. Over the next few weeks, I will be highlighting GREY2K USA Board members and their continuing dedication to greyhound protection.

Board Member Valarie Wolf with Kelly and Meadow
It is not always easy to fight for greyhounds, and one of the ways that GREY2K USA soldiers on is by relying on passionate Board members like Valarie Wolf. Valarie is a native Californian who lives in Orange County with her husband and two Italian greyhounds, Kelly and Meadow.

Val's life truly changed a few years ago when she began to learn about the sad fate of galgos in Spain.  That cruelty opened her eyes to other humane problems, including the suffering of racing greyhounds. Today, she is a committed animal advocate.

Val is also an accomplished artist, and brings a creative perspective to her role as a GREY2K USA Board officer. Her artistic eye sees greyhounds as "living sculptures." She remembers seeing photographs of sighthounds in an encyclopedia when she was about ten years old, and being awe-struck by the beautiful lines and angles of  the graceful dogs.

In closing, Valarie tells me that she will always do her best to fight for animals. "They are innocent," she says.  "They need every voice they can get." She also adds that greyhound breeders can try to spin the truth any way they want, but it won't change the fact that dog racing is cruel and inhumane. "They will apparently do anything to make it sound like the dog racing industry is all sweetness and light, but it's not."

Valarie Wolf is a wonderful voice for the greyhounds, and we are grateful to have her on the GREY2K USA team.

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