Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Drug Violations Raise More Questions About Tucson Greyhound Park

With each passing month, the evidence continues to mount that Tucson Greyhound Park is one of the worst dog tracks in the country. The latest proof of Tucson's problems come in the form of state records GREY2K USA recently obtained regarding positive drug tests.

During a span of less than four weeks in early 2012, the Arizona Department of Racing took disciplinary action against five greyhound trainers and assistant trainers for human and greyhound drug violations. Specifically:
  • On January 25, an assistant greyhound trainer was summarily suspended after she tested positive for marijuana and cocaine.
  • On February 15, a greyhound trainer was ordered to return prize money after two greyhounds won races and tested positive for caffeine.
  • On February 16, an assistant greyhound trainer was suspended for 60 days and fined $300 after he tested positive for marijuana and cocaine.
  • Also on February 16, a greyhound owner and trainer was suspended for 60 days fined and $1,000 after state investigators found a hypodermic syringe in his kennel. According to a laboratory report, the syringe was found to be "suspicious" for testosterone. The Board of Judges also recommended that the trainer's license be permanently revoked.
  • On February 18, a greyhound trainer was suspended for 60 days and fined $300 after he refused to submit to a drug test. During his official hearing, the trainer indicated that he refused the test because he would not have passed. He also indicated that he would not have passed a previous drug test if another trainer had not provided him with synthetic urine.
Unfortunately, this is not a new problem at Tucson Greyhound Park. In 2007, the track was forced to close for two days after five licensees tested positive for illegal drugs. Nevertheless, these new records are another example of the sad life greyhounds endure at this low end track.

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  1. This is where Dixie (AHK Mary) raced. Heartbreaking. Makes me glad she's with me now.