Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Greyhound Advocates Confront Cruelty in Australia

Hayley showed us the Noble farm, seen from another property
The final days of our Australian campaign trip were a flurry of activity.

In Sydney, we strategized with three compassionate lawmakers: Greens Member of Parliament John Kaye, Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon, and Animal Justice Party Member of Parliament Mark Pearson. We also learned about the good work that local animal protection groups are doing, including Animal Liberation and Sentient. Additionally, we were honored to meet Anne Lloyd-Jones from the Animals Asia Foundation in person. Anne is a strong ally who has been working with us for years in a joint effort to close the Canidrome. Finally, we met with several members of the media who are covering the evolving debate over dog racing.

I was particularly impressed with MP John Kaye. He brings a unique mixture of political experience, compassion, and strategic sophistication to the fight to end greyhound cruelty. We are lucky to have him fighting for the dogs.

In Brisbane, we spent an entire day with Hayley Cotton and the greyhound advocates who courageously exposed live baiting. We visited the heart of the industry, farms where live baiting cruelty was recently exposed. We also had dinner with a dozen notable leaders of the humane community, including representatives of Friends of the HoundAnimal Welfare QueenslandGone Are The Dogs and Animal Liberation Queensland.

It's truly incredible how many people are fighting for the greyhounds in Australia. Without a doubt, the pieces are already in place for a real, effective campaign to outlaw dog racing in the country. Although these advocates are working for greyhounds in different ways, they are joined together by their dedication, commitment, and willingness to confront cruelty.

This commitment is personified by Hayley Cotton, who has been nominated for the Pride of Australia Medal. Hayley is one of the most impressive greyhound advocates I've encountered over the past two decades. Thanks to her, John Kaye, and everyone who cares about greyhounds, I'm convinced that the complete end of dog racing in Australia is inevitable.

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