Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dog Track Promoters Go Crazy Over New Friend Gina

Welcome to the family Gina!
Last month, my family added another member when we adopted Gina the greyhound.

Gina is delightful. She is affectionate and gentle, and remarkably patient with our cats. There had been a hole in our lives ever since we lost Zoe to cancer last year, and it's comforting to have a dog with us again.

Predictably, greyhound breeders responded to this happy event with bitterness and hostility. As soon as it was publicly announced that we had adopted her, several dog track promoters began trying to figure out what Gina's racing name was, so they could attempt to remove her. According to greyhound trainer Chris Grieb:
"I've been relentlessly searching for possibilities on her identity. I'll worry about what to do with that information once it's obtained."
Meanwhile, after another dog track supporter suggested taking a "visit" to our office, Beverly Stahlgren Schrecongost wrote that someone should forcibly abduct Gina:
"Then grab her and run like hell!!!"
That message was followed by a joke about a "get away car." Meanwhile, Daytona Kennel Club worker Connie Winkler suggested that Gina's former racing owner should try to remove her from our family by falsely claiming she was stolen.

As usual, the most disturbing comment was made by former National Greyhound Association official Craig Randle, who again referred to the near fatal accident GREY2K USA President Christine Dorchak suffered in 1992:
"Is that dog trolley TRAINed?"
This bizarre death wish was echoed by Bruce Walters, who mistakenly referred to Gina as "Ginger:"
"30 days before Ginger decides she wants to jump in front of a moving vehicle."
For years, we have made it clear that our opposition to greyhound racing is not about individual industry members, or specific acts of animal cruelty. Like every other mainstream animal protection organization, we are opposed to commercial dog racing because the industry uses standard practices that are cruel and inhumane. This is still our position.

At the same time, it's now obvious that the last vestiges of this failed industry have become a safe haven for the most vile, hateful rhetoric. These racing promoters cannot police themselves, and are showing the world who they really are: a handful of bitter, petty people who are fighting tooth and nail to preserve an industry that harms dogs.


  1. We must say that we here in the marbled halls of IM Central are quite jealous. We work very hard to annoy the overlords and you have accomplished all that and more by simply rescuing an innocent living creature from the wholesale abuse and institutionalized cruelty that results from the commodification of helpless greyhounds. Well done good sir, and madam!

  2. I prefer to remain anonymous as some of the rhetoric attests to the moral fiber of some individuals and organizations. I WILL, however, pray for the safety of your beautiful rescue. Gee, Makes me wonder why these animals could not be entitled to Orders of Protection, like people are. You obtained the dog legally through a legitimate means and then you have to deal with THIS? Have you had to go through legal channels yet? I suggest you do!

  3. Craig Randle was an NGA offical???

    1. Craig Randle worked for the National Greyhound Association for twenty years, serving as a farm Inspector, groundskeeper, hauler and overseer of track maintenance at Annual Meets.

  4. I'm not sure why they are so concerned about this particular dog, unless its to give you a hard time personally? Greyhounds are adopted all the time.

  5. Heather, these greyhound breeders have become obsessed with GREY2K USA, because we are having an impact. The world around them has changed, and the standard practices they use are now viewed by most people as cruel and inhumane. They can't accept the death of their industry, and they project all of their frustration, bitterness, and anger onto GREY2K USA.