Thursday, November 20, 2014

A New Hope for British Greyhounds

For decades, greyhounds have suffered and died in Great Britain. There are 33 commercial tracks in the country, and more than 7,500 greyhounds were registered to race in 2013. In recent years one humane problem after another has been documented, and as a result there is an active grassroots movement fighting to outlaw the industry.

At GREY2K USA Worldwide, we stand in solidarity with these grassroots groups. At the same time, we are excited by the emergence of a new voice for British greyhounds. The League Against Cruel Sports is an effective, established, savvy organization. Formed in 1924, the League advocates for animals through many means, including investigations, campaigning, and lobbying.

Three weeks ago, GREY2K USA Worldwide President Christine Dorchak and I joined the League at a special event in Parliament, where we released a joint report. The State of Greyhound Racing in Great Britain covers humane, economic and regulatory issues. It also calls for the following changes:
  • A public review, by lawmakers, of current greyhound welfare regulations.
  • Full public reporting on greyhound injuries, breeding, import and export, transport, daily living conditions, retirement, adoption and euthanasia.
  • A prohibition on the use of anabolic steroids to prevent estrus in female greyhounds.
  • A legal requirement that every racing greyhound ultimately be adopted.
These are all common sense measures that will help thousands of dogs. More importantly, they will begin to lift the veil of secrecy that now shrouds the greyhound industry.

This is the industry's last chance. It can either make real reforms or face a full-blown campaign that will not stop until commercial dog racing is prohibited. Either way, I'm convinced that change is inevitable in Great Britain. There is now a broad based coalition for the dogs, a partnership of grassroots advocates from all over the country joined with an effective national organization.

This coalition has already made an impact: the release of a landmark report, a powerful video, and the launch of an official government petition that already has nearly 15,000 signatures. These are the first achievements for a campaign that has the potential to move mountains.

The British greyhound racing industry has nowhere to run, and can no longer hide.


  1. This sounds like the way forward. I hope the report is well received and things get moving fast!

  2. I have signed the petition and I also own a retired greyhound from Perry Barr race track. The sport should be banned and I hope that all tracks are closed down!! I have circulated this petition via my Facebook page too. I hope and pray that this petition is a success.