Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Animal Advocates in Asia Speak Up for Greyhounds

A racing greyhound in Vietnam, March 2012
Asia is a key area in the global fight to end greyhound racing. In Macau advocates have joined Anima Macau in an effort to close the Canidrome, a dead-end track where Australian dogs go to die. Meanwhile, greyhound racing is expanding in Vietnam and Cambodia, and humane groups are cracking down on illegal greyhound racing in India. Other Asian countries, including Pakistan, have non-commercial forms of greyhound racing.

That is why we were so pleased last month for the opportunity to provide information for the Asia for Animals (AFA) Coalition's 2014 Conference. AFA is a coalition of 14 well known and respected animal protection organizations including Animals Asia, the RSPCA and the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

We put together a short presentation for the conference, outlining the challenges greyhounds face throughout Asia. In response, the AFA coalition officially endorsed two policy positions created by its Animals in Entertainment working group:
The AFA animals in entertainment coalition "support(s) the ANIMA campaign to close the Macau Canidrome"
The AFA animals in entertainment coalition "support(s) the GREY2K USA international campaign to prevent further development of the greyhound racing industry in Asia"
We are grateful to have this support, and look forward to working with our new partners to make life better for Asian greyhounds.

All over the world, leaders of the humane movement are speaking up for greyhounds. This is fantastic news, and yet another sign that the cruelty of commercial dog racing will eventually end everywhere.

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