Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Greyhound Death Pit Exposed in New Zealand

The New Zealand dog racing industry is again under fire, after news program 3rd Degree reported last night that a greyhound death pit was discovered on the property of a notable greyhound trainer. The pit included multiple greyhound bodies that had been burned, and numerous skeletal remains.

The pit was found on the property of Phil Green, a Greyhound Racing New Zealand board member who heads up the industry's supposed welfare committee. As Greyhound Protection League of New Zealand founder Aaron Cross told 3rd Degree, Phil Green is a personification of the industry itself.

In an attempt to defend himself, Green claimed that the dead greyhounds on his property were killed by lethal injection and then burned on site to save money. According to him, the dogs were disposed of in this way because of "economics." He also claimed that he has "respect" for the dogs that were killed and burned on his property:
"I've got nothing but respect for the dogs ... I believe the dogs deserve to die gracefully."
Green also told 3rd Degree that he has become a scapegoat for a practice that is widespread in the racing industry:
"You obtained the footage, and it'll be looked at, and people will put a slant on it, and the general public will perceive it as being horrific."
Of course, this is nothing more than an attempt to rationalize greyhound cruelty. Young healthy dogs do not "deserve to die gracefully." They deserve to live with a family in a loving home. Green's denial is proof that the greyhound racing industry will go to any lengths to defend its inhumane practices. When it comes to commercial dog racing, apparently no one is responsible for its perpetual cycle of suffering and death.

Thankfully, the greyhounds have committed grassroots groups fighting for them, like the Greyhound Protection League of New Zealand. GREY2K USA Worldwide helped fund part of this undercover investigation, and we are proud of our role in the effort. We look forward to working with our allies in New Zealand for years to come, and I'm confident that together we can bring about change.


  1. did he also explain away the reasons that they take all the blood from these poor dogs before they euthenise them to sell to vetinary clinics , because greyhound blood is cheap and suits all dogs !!

  2. Is there anything else humans can find to harm innocent animals? We should be ashamed of ourselves.

  3. Hard to believe that dog racing still goes on in the 21st century. Just shaking me head...