Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dog Track Insiders Sound Alarm on Texas Injuries

The final race for Gable Weeman, who died at Gulf in 2010
Earlier this year we released a report that documented greyhound injuries at Gulf Greyhound Park (GGP) in Texas. According to state records, 1,507 greyhound injuries were reported at the track between 2008 and 2011, including 56 fatal injuries.

When our report was released, a track executive bent over backwards in an attempt to rationalize these injuries. She attacked greyhound advocates and falsely claimed that the "vast majority" of reported injuries at Gulf Greyhound Park were "minor."  In reality, a majority (54%) of reported injuries at Gulf were either puncture wounds, lacerations, torn ligaments or broken bones. The most commonly reported injury was a broken leg.

As it turns out, greyhound advocates are not the only ones concerned about injuries at Gulf. In a internet discussion that started last night, a greyhound breeder and owner named Wally Wasik told other industry supporters about a dog that was recently hurt at the Texas track:
"I had another pup break down again at Gulf. The track conditions are terrible there."
Wasik also stated that there is widespread concern in the industry about Gulf's racing surface:
"The Kennels arre complaining about the racing surface. Talked to the racing Secretary. who is no smarter than a light bulb, said they are working on the problem. But they are not doing anything to fix the problem. That is common knowledge." (sic)
An hour later, a well-known racing greyhound owner named Laird Morgan echoed Wasik's concerns. Morgan added that the track is refusing to work with the Texas Greyhound Association, which represents greyhound breeders, to find solutions:
"Everything I heard points to the need to take the surface down to the drainage/irrigation level and have a capable contractor build it back up. Doubt they will suspend racing for the time and money required. The most disappointing element is the unwillingness of GGP management to work with the TGA on a solution."
Wasik then responded by expressing his overall frustration with the track:
"If they CANNOT SECURE a safe racing Surface for the Greyhounds, THEY NEED TO SHUT DOWN."
This elicited empathy from a greyhound kennel owner and trainer named Malcom McAllister, who wrote in part:
U Too Wood collapsed on the track and died at Gulf
"Wally, my heart goes out to you, and the greyhounds that 'have' to race there ... until they have a person in charge that is 'concerned' then it will stay the same."
Wasik then wrote:
"Maybe it's time Racing and Anti-Racing come together to get rid of a track that will not take the SAFETY of greyhounds seriously."
We have forwarded this entire discussion to the Texas Racing Commission, and asked the agency to open an investigation into the track surface at Gulf Greyhound Park. At GREY2K USA Worldwide, our mission is not only to end dog racing, but also to make life better for greyhounds while racing continues. This is an area where we have a common interest with Texas greyhound owners, and we share their concern about injuries at this low-end track.


  1. What happens to those badly injured dogs, that can be treated but whose treatments are expensive and the dog will no longer be able to run? I think I know the answer, but nobody has given it to me yet. I sincerely hope the races end once and for all, they are abusive and cause so many unnecessary injuries and deaths, not to mention the stigma Greyhounds carry that they are only good for racing, or hunting in some countries. They are magnificent pets !! They can just go to agility programs if their owners feel like joining the activity.

    1. they are more than likely pts, or drained of their blood and then pts :(

    2. According to my veterinarian, some of these Greys are sent to various veterinary colleges & used in research projects. Also, it seems, Greys have blood that can serve as a universal donor (unlike other dogs) for transfusions needed for other dogs. Their blood has more oxygen content than any other dog. So these dogs serve out their days (hopefully short) as research animals. When I was a nursing student I can remember passing the rooms where dogs like these were kept. This is an awful sound when you know what is going on behind closed doors. cathy

  2. I've just been able to read the injury report, obviously that was the sad answer. My daughter is currently fostering a Greyhound in Argentina, badly injured, had to have his femur head reconstructed among other things, He is the happiest dog I' ve met, does not wear any grudges, just loving and willing to live. How SAD that Texas (where I lived for five years) still permits the dog races.

  3. If this track is in such bad shape and makes huge profits, why is this track not shut down? Why is the track not fined? Why do people continue to put their dogs in danger? This is many cases of animal cruelty with many people involved. We need laws that prosecute these crimes.

  4. They don't give a dang about the dogs?! If they truly cared, that track would've been closed down long ago. No, it's all about the money:-(
    What can be expected from a state that also allows just about anyone with the money to procure them, keep wild animals like lions, tigers, bears and such in insufficient living spaces/conditions in houses and cages in basements and other such inappropriate places:-(
    Texas law concerning ALL animal welfare SUCKS big time!

  5. If the kennel owners racing at this track would ban together and refuse to let their dogs race on the track until it was made safe & the track started losing money they would maybe do the right thing and fix the track. I know the kennel owners certainly don't want their racers being hurt on an unsafe track - that doesn't make them any money!

  6. I am amazed at how naïve these posters are. Dog racing is a horrendous sport and Greyhounds are mistreated daily by their owners for the sake of making money. And you wonder why a track isn't being fined? Seriously?

  7. This is terrible state of affairs, whether at Gulf or ANY OTHER track. My own rescued Grey raced at Gulf. Thankfully she has not raced for 8 years. I got her from a Grey rescue/adoption group in San Antonio, TX. I was so smitten by my Grey & the breed as a whole, I began to volunteer with this group. Later I was to find out that they not only supported Greyhound racing but had their own dogs that they raced at Gulf. They "justified" their participation in the racing of Greys because it brought money in to the group so MORE Greys could be rescued. What a retarded sense of right & wrong. Needless to say I severed ties with this group. I now dedicate my time to ending racing & TRULY saving ALL Greys with GREY2K. Cathy Hanson

  8. My wonderful greyhound was a racer at gulf track and was lucky enough to be treated and adopted out after a broken leg during a race that ended his career at just 3 yrs old. So while I'm sure many dogs may not make it after injury, its a wrong assumption that all are euthanized.