Thursday, August 23, 2012

State Veterinarian Accuses Arkansas Greyhound Trainer of Animal Neglect

Bobby Munson the greyhound, photo by Rachel Hogue
According to state records GREY2K USA recently obtained from the Arkansas Racing Commission, a greyhound trainer has been suspended after he was accused by a state veterinarian of animal neglect. Although the details of this case are not complete, the facts we do have are concerning.

In April 21, the Southland Greyhound Park Board of Judges held a formal hearing for greyhound trainer Bob Gray. Gray was asked to respond to a complaint that had been filed by Arkansas State Racing Commission veterinarian Lisa Robinson, in which she alleged that Gray "had been negligent in the care of Greyhound 'Bobby Munson.'"

According to a database maintained by the dog racing industry, Bobby Munson is a black greyhound that would now be three years old. He won at least six races, and was a 2011 Southland Festival of Stakes finalist. Another similar database indicates his last race occurred on April 16 and during this race he "pulled up."

The Southland Board of Judges ultimately could not verify Dr. Robinson's accusation of animal neglect. They did, however, suspend trainer Gray for 30 days after finding him "in violation for failure to follow Southland Park's Section 1200-04 on the DNC injured greyhound policy." This appears to be an internal Southland Greyhound Park policy related to injuries.

It is not clear where the greyhound Bobby Munson is now, or what his ultimate fate was. I certainly hope he is sleeping on a couch somewhere.

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