Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Are There Zombie Greyhounds at Arizona Dog Track?

Happy Birthday Zoe
Is it possible that there are zombie greyhounds at Tucson Greyhound Park?

According to state records on October 3, 2012 state regulators prevented a greyhound named Bubbles Sidekick from racing at the track because she was "lame." Ordinarily this would not be unusual, as dogs are "scratched" from racing on a regular basis. But in this case it is quite strange, because according to a separate state record Bubbles Sidekick had actually died after racing at Tucson four days earlier.

Setting aside zombie humor, this discrepancy raises even more questions about the poor regulation of this low end racetrack. Which state record is inaccurate? Did a different greyhound die after a race on September 29, or was a different greyhound prevented from racing on October 3 due to being "lame?" Are there other similar discrepancies in official state records?

According to a database maintained by dog race gamblers, Bubbles never raced again after September 29. If that is the day she died, then the black greyhound passed away only a few days shy of her fifth birthday.

On Monday, we hosted a small party at the GREY2K USA office to celebrate the birthday of my adopted greyhound Zoe. Although this was a joyful occasion, it does remind me now of all the family birthday parties Bubbles Sidekick will never have.

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