Thursday, November 29, 2012

Greyhound Trainer Asks That Dog Be Killed Because of His Gender

This morning, I asked the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission to open an investigation into an incident involving a greyhound named Pat C Rasputin.

On April 21, the two-year-old dog suffered a broken leg at Dubuque Greyhound Park. What happened next is deeply disturbing. According to state veterinarian Dr. Marianne Kirkendall:
"The trainer requested euthanasia since it was a male dog. This was declined as not medically necessary. The limb was wrapped and the dog was given Torbugesic (0.7cc) IM. Trainer declined other pain meds."
In my request for investigation, I asked the state to ascertain the ultimate fate of Pat C Rasputin, and indicate whether trainer Lee Haynes violated any racing rules or state laws by requesting that a dog be killed because of his gender. Also, I have requested that regulators determine whether this is a common request at Iowa tracks. According to state records, 24 greyhounds were euthanized in the state between January 2011 and July 2012. Of these, 62.5% were male dogs.

Dr. Kirkendall should be applauded for denying the callous request that Pat C Rasputin be killed simply for being a boy. At the same time, this is a sad example of how dog race promoters put personal profit ahead of animal welfare. Commercial greyhound racing goes against the values of our community, and it's time for it to end.


  1. Truly disgusting. Clearly no concern for the welfare of these animals. Ban the 'sport', it's nothing but a gamblers outlet.

  2. Only about money. Racing of any animals is something that has to go the way of the circus. An event that had it's time, and is gradually disappearing. And to those people that say, "what about the people who are employed in this industry, and the animals that have been bred for it?" I say, it's better they weren't born to begin with,if this is what their life is all about. There will still be greyhounds, but they will be as pets. Not as a source of income. Let those who like to gamble play VLT's and go to casinos.

  3. A brave Vet in Ireland refused to destroy two brother Greys when they were 2 years old...because they were not good racers. Thus how I got to rescue my darling. Think about the poor Greys in Africa and China now..I shutter to think how they are treated. Australia, New Zealand and Ireland are bad enough plus the poor Galgos in Spain...disgusting countries on the treatment of Greys. Persevere to outlaw Greyhound racing around the world.

  4. it is disgusting that this sort of thing happens. Unfortunately where money and animals are concerned fairness for them seems to go out the door.

  5. I have one of Pat Collins' Greyhounds that I rescued. I couldn't ask for a sweeter more playful dog.I am saddened that some of his relatives are not as lucky! It is disgusting what people do to these great dogs.

  6. I also have one of Pat Collins' Greyhounds. A male greyhound. He is the most gentle and loving dog. A true part of our family. We need to advocate for these dogs and rescue them. Please get the word out as to adopting these beautiful animals.